Please review frequently asked questions below.
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I requested a cashout and didn’t receive my payment. When will i receive it?

Our cashout policy is as follows:
If you requested a payment this month your payment will be processed the last week of the following month. Please be patient and your payment will be made accordingly.

I get emails everyday saying I have a survey available but when I click on the link for survey I do not see any.

Surveys are provided to our members by market research companies and we have no control over who is qualified for taking their surveys or not or what devices can be used to take them.
We simply post their survey for our members to participate in them.
Depending on your completed profile survey questions, once a survey is available you may participate in them.
We understand that not everyone is qualified for taking surveys so we added a feature in our emails where you earn $0.05 for each survey email you confirm whether you qualify or not.

I did not receive my confirmation email.

Please make sure you check all your folders including your spam folder. If you see the confirmation email in your spam folder mark it as not spam so that all your emails go directly to you inbox. If you still haven’t received your confirmation email please contact support.

I can’t cashout. Why?

Once you have a minimum of $25 in your account, you may cash out for a payment via PayPal or a prepaid card.

I didn’t receive credit for opening email.

In order to receive the 0.05 email open credit you must open them the same day you receive the emails and in the order that you received them.

Also under the “Completed Offers” tab on you can see your history of open email credits.

I didn’t receive credit for an offer/survey.

Some offers and surveys take up to 72hours to show up in your account as credited.
Under the “Completed Offers” tab on you can see your history of all credits.
After 72 hours if you still did not receive your credit please contact support.
If you did not find the answers to the questions here please  click here to contact support.